Home Groups

We are starting up some Home Groups this fall:

Power of a Praying Parent

by Stormie O Martian
Wednesday, 6:30 pm in Chisago City
Raising our children is a precious time but come with trials and questions. Let’s call on God for wisdom.

Power of the Lord’s Prayer

by Laurie Short
Wednesday, 6:30 pm in Wyoming
We all know this prayer, but do we really live it?

Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children

by Jodie Berndt
Monday, 7:00 pm in Lindstrom and Thursday, 10:00 am in Chisago City
Once a parent, always a parent! Learning to release our adult children and pray for their needs.

Prayer – Does it really make a difference?

by Phillip Yancey
Tuesday, 7:00 pm in Forest Lake
How we pray can make the difference!

Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage

by Stormie O Martian
Thursday, 7:00 pm in Lindstrom
Even if we feel our marriage is great, it can always become better with God’s help!

If you would like any more information about any of these Home Groups, please contact Chris.