A Serious Commitment

This weekend we continue going through the book of Matthew. Specifically in chapter 19 when Jesus talks about divorce and how serious the commitment of marriage is.

Tough Stuff

It’s tough to follow Jesus. A lot of us have been told that everything will be perfect once we start following Jesus, but that just seems to not be the case. Why? Because we have to walk through some Tough Stuff to be his disciple, but how freeing is it when we do as he asks? Listen to find out.

Easter – With Confidence

Jesus is risen! If you are a Christian, you know this is cause for celebration! If you are not, you may be wondering what Easter is all about, and that is great too! With all the uncertainty in our world today how can we have confidence in Jesus, and how can we live a bold life despite our circumstances? Listen in to find out!

Good Friday – With Cofidence

What is Good Friday? Why did Jesus die? In a world where everything seems completely uncertain how can we live with confidence knowing Jesus saved us? If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, listen in!

Handle It… Correctly Pt. 5

We continue to look at what it means to handle conflict correctly. This week we take a closer look at what we need to do when there is conflict, but the offending party will not listen to sound reason. What is your responsibility in this case, what does it mean to treat them as a pagan or corrupt tax collector?