Take my pink bike Matthew 8

October 7, 2018
This weekend we continued reading in Matthew chapter 8. As we read about Jesus sending the demons into the herd of pigs causing the townspeople to ask Him to leave, we were challenged to examine our own lives and to ask ourselves if we do the same thing.

Have faith Matthew 8

September 30, 2018
Today Pastor Bill talks about Jesus being in the boat with the disciples when a storm suddenly hits and the fear that it causes in the disciples. We are challenged to consider our faith and willingness to stay in the boat with Jesus when the storms of life hit.

Making the unviable viable Matthew 8

September 23, 2018
This weekend we continue in the book of Matthew and focus on Jesus as someone who takes what others see as unviable, and makes it viable!

Trust in His authority Matthew 8

September 16, 2018
As we continue reading in Matthew chapter 8, we come to the verse that says Jesus cast out demons. It is very easy for us to come to false conclusions about Satan and demons. Today we emphasize Jesus authority over all things.

Live life Matthew 8

September 9, 2018
In Matthew chapter 8 Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law. One of the things we talk about is how Jesus did that while He was just living life. Our focus was being willing to surrender all of our days to Jesus and being used by Him while we simply live life.