Velvet Steel

Velvet Steel – an interesting combination to be sure. That is what we see from Jesus though and we should reflect this in our lives as well, but what does that mean? What does it mean to be velvet steel? To have the soft and comforting feel of velvet and the solid toughness of steel, listen in to find out!

What are you looking for?

Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem one week before His crucifixion, was exactly that triumphant! People were loud and filled with great joy as the deliverer had come, but many who were there were nowhere to be seen or joined in the crowd mocking Him one week later. What were they looking for in a savior that so quickly faded? What are you looking for, will it last?

Top Priorities

What are your top priorities? Life gets busy and what we prioritize changes how we act and what is important to us. As a christian there are somethings that should be our top priorities if we are truly going to be good representatives of the gospel. Pastor Bill takes us through what those priorities should be and challenges us to look at our life and how well we are following Jesus.

What Can We Do?

In a time where everything is uncertain a question is present. What can I do? As the body of Christ what can we do while we walk through these uncertain times? Pastor Bill dives into 4 concrete ways to make a difference and show this world that God is still at work despite the pain we go through.

He Said Yes… Will You?

He said yes. He, Jesus, said yes to the sacrifice it took to buy our freedom, though it costed Him everything. Are you willing to say yes to what he is asking you to do? In this Memorial Day sermon we take a look at the sacrifice it takes to be a Christian and honor those who have fallen.