In this message from Pastor Bill, he brings to light some things that we can do in response to betrayal, and we learn about how Jesus was betrayed by Judas. We need to Breathe, Respond (don’t react), Go to God, Know the truth, Talk about it, Remember your integrity, Love your enemies, Forgive, Set a boundary, and Don’t be a betrayer. Get your notepad ready!

Naomi, with Denise Headley!

Denise brings us this message out of the book of Ruth. Denise talks about Naomi in this story and about the perseverance that she had when living out her extremely difficult life. Denise relates this to our own lives, and how we should never give up and turn away for the Lord.

Do you have a price?

In this message, we start in Matthew 26:14-16. Pastor Bill talks about Judas Iscariot and how he turned Jesus over to the chief priests for a price of 30 pieces of silver. Pastor Bill asks us if we have a price that would pull us away from Him?