The Local Food Shelf Drive

Maranatha Chisago partners with our local food shelf throughout the year. In 2014 we collected over 400 Suddenly Salads to add to their Thanksgiving baskets for families with needs. In 2015 they asked us for green bean casserole ingredients. So we collected 175 cans of cream of mushroom soup, 175 cans of French fried onions, and 350 cans of green beans. In 2017 we partnered with them by collecting over 175 cans of fruit cocktail and over 175 boxes of jello to be included in their Easter meal baskets. Our Maranatha Chisago congregation loves helping people in the community and this really becomes a fun challenge. Please email Pastor Bill at for more information.

Faith and Family Night

Lindstrom has a summertime Wednesday night concert in the park. One Wednesday each summer, Lindstrom calls the night a Faith and Family Night. They have Christian artists perform and invite the local churches to come into the park and be a part of the festivities. Maranatha Chisago congregation has fun just hanging around the park and talking with people the whole evening. We bring cookies and coffee, a bouncy house, sometimes we do face painting and fair hair. It’s a fun, relaxing evening in our community. For more information about this outreach, please email