Guest Speaker Chris DeLaurentis!

Thanks for tuning in! Today, we have the pleasure of hearing from Pastor Chris DeLaurentis about his ministry in Minneapolis. We hope you enjoy this message from him as he talks about the many works of God in the Inner City Church of Minneapolis.

The Holy Spirit

Thanks for tuning in! In this sermon, Pastor Bill begins in Acts where Simon Peter is talking about his experience in ministering to the Gentiles. Peter talks about how the Holy Spirit is for anyone and that we as Christians bring the gospel to those around us through the power of the Holy Spirit. He relates this to our own lives by talking about how we need to understand the importance of the Holy Spirit, and having Him in our lives. We hope you enjoy!

First Message of 2022!

Thanks for tuning in! Pastor Bill starts off the first message of 2022 in James 4, where he talks about how time waits for no one. Our life is just a vapor and we need to be prioritizing what’s really important.

Thanks for tuning in! In this sermon, Pastor Bill starts in Hebrews where he emphasises the fact that God never changes. We hope you enjoy this final sermon of 2021 as we head into the new year!

Gossip Destroys

Thanks for tuning in! Today, Pastor Bill starts in Acts 2 where he talks about the planting and actions of the early church. He talks about how important it is for us to keep gossip out of the church. Pastor Bill makes multiple references to Paul’s letters to the church in Corinth, where he warns about these very things.