Fishing Tournament

Sometime we fish for men, other times we fish for…fish!

Come and fish with us and win prizes.
There are 4 categories with a $30.00 prize for biggest fish:
Bass, Northern, Crappie, and Panfish

The cost is $20.00 / person. (The proceeds will go towards future Men’s Events.)

We will be pairing men in boats.

6:00 am – Check In – boats will be assigned lakes at this point
11:00 am – Return to the church and have lunch
11:45 am – Give out awards and wrap up


If you are interested in joining in, please come to the church and pick up more information.

Wednesday Nights

Come and join our Wednesday Nights. This includes Nursery, Kids, Youth and Adults. Bring all your friends here from 6:30 – 7:30 pm to have some awesome times!

This year we are taking a Journey Through the Bible, looking at each book as an overview – author, time period, main topics and stories. Everyone will be looking at the same books at the same time, so there should be some interesting conversations on the way home. We will be looking at each book of the Bible, discussing two books each week.