We believe that everything we have comes from God. The Bible teaches us to bring the first of our fruits back to God. We don’t give or pay our tithes, but bring. You can’t give what wasn’t your to begin with. We don’t pay our tithe as we do our taxes, but we bring back to God what was His to begin with. We want to do our best to honor God with all parts of our lives, including our finances!

Here at Maranatha Church Chisago Lakes Campus there are a few ways that you can do this.

During Service

When you come to one of our services there will be a time for offering. During this time you can grab an offering envelope and put a check or cash in it and put it in the bag.

Personal Bank

You can set up giving through your personal bank and have a check sent via the on-line banking feature that most banks offer today. Please set up:

Maranatha Chisago Lakes Campus as a person (not a company)
and have the check mailed to:

PO Box 312
Chisago City, MN 55013

The church phone number is (651) 257-8605. After the church is set up, you can choose a one-time or recurring gift under the AutoPlay link. In the memo line box, please add a description of what the gift is for.

Text Giving*

You can also tithe via texting. Simply text the word
“GIVE” to (651) 358-2332
and follow the instructions.

This is Maranatha Chisago Lakes Campus’ unique, secure giving number. Don’t forget to save the number in your phone. If at anytime you would like to make changes to your giving information, text “EDIT” to (651) 358-2332 and you can switch payment sources and view your giving history.

Online Giving*

You can give on-line by clicking the secure blue link below and following the instructions.


* Whether you give through text or by using the on-line link, you will be asked to register with a bank account/routing number (ACH) or credit/debit card your first time. After you set up your account, simply text your gift amount or enter the amount on-line. A confirmation email will be sent immediately.

All of the on-line, personal banking and text giving methods have a recurring option, so you can set your giving and forget about it. It is taken care of, without you having to enter anything again unless you choose to change it. These safe and flexible options are the easiest ways to give to Maranatha Chisago Lakes Campus.