• Called by God

    Called by God

    Thanks for tuning in! This week, we have the privilege of hearing from our Discipleship Pastor, Chris Quistad! Please enjoy as she shares about the wonderful things God can do with our lives if we would stop quibbling with Him, and move forward. We hope you are challenged and encouraged by this message as you go through the rest of your week.

  • Pay Attention!

    Pay Attention!

    Thanks for tuning in with us! We’re glad you’re here. This week, Pastor Bill shared a sermon with us about how we as Christians need to pay attention in the world we live in. We need to pay attention to what we’ve heard in the Bible, and we need to pay attention to what is going on around us so that we can respond in a Godly way. We hope you are challenged and encouraged by this today!

  • This is too Important.

    This is too Important.

    Thanks for tuning in! This week, listen to Pastor Bill as he reads from Acts chapter 15, where we learn of the mixed messages that were delivered to many Christians. In the days of Acts 15, the the mixed messages among believers were often about gentiles turning to the faith. Today, there are just as many mixed messages that face the church, and new believers! We hope you are challenged today.

  • Don’t Make it Difficult!

    Don’t Make it Difficult!

    It’s easy to look at our faith as a list of dos and don’ts. However, God looks on our hearts, and He sent Jesus to change our hearts so that we can effectively spread his message to everyone! This week, Pastor Bill continues in Acts 15, where he preaches on just that topic as the Apostle James attempts to debate with religious leaders and his peers. We hope you enjoy!

  • The Yoke of Jesus

    The Yoke of Jesus

    Thanks for tuning in! The burdens of life can often feel too heavy to handle. Things get busy, tragedy hits, and life can take crazy turns. However, Jesus offers rest for our souls in Him. Although following Jesus does not make life any easier, He gives us a place to rest and find peace in Him. We hope you enjoy as Pastor Bill brings us a message from Matthew 11! Have a great week.

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