Be evangelical

June 9,2019
This weekend we talk about sharing our faith to the ends of the earth. Jesus talks about a little yeast spreading through all the dough, how a very small amount can impact the rest of the ingredients! We are encouraged to be evangelical!

The parable of the weeds

May 26,2019
Today we talk about the parable of the weeds. We talk about how some times we want to be the ones to decide who has the right fruit for the kingdom and who doesn’t. We also ask ourselves where we are with our own faith.

The parable of the sower

May 19,2019
This weekend we talk about the parable of the sower in Matthew chapter 13. Pastor Bill throws seeds on everyone to feel the seeds being sown. We are challenged to look at our lives and ask ourselves what kind of soil those seeds are falling on.

Keeping our valuables safe

May 12,2019
Today we celebrate mothers day by giving all of our ladies a gift. We use this gift as an illustration as to how to keep that which is most valuable, WHO we are, safe.