It Matters P2

The continuation of last weeks message. We continue to look into Matthew 16:24-27 and ask ourselves what is our soul worth? Also what does it mean to be refined and if we are saved by Faith why do works matter?

It Matters

As we continue our series in Matthew 16 we take a look at
“It Matters.” It does. The way you live, what your life style is, what you say, how you say it.
Why does it matter though? As a Christian why should I be concerned with how I live, I am saved by faith right? What does it mean to have cheap grace? Have I been living a life worthy of the gospel?

Counting The Cost Part 2

Pastor Bill continues the thoughts from last weeks message. We take a closer look at what the costs are and the rewards of being a follower of Jesus. What holds you back from being who God called you to be? Is everyone’s walk the same? What does it mean to be a lukewarm Christian? Am I living a double standard? If you have ever asked those questions, listen in!

Counting The Cost

Pastor Bill dives into what it means to be a follower of Jesus and what it costs us to pursue a life worthy of being His disciple, continuing our series in Matthew. What is the cost, the sacrifice, that we must make to be called his disciple? Is a Christian walk devoid of pain? As a Christian have I been living as I should? Let’s find out! Also we take a moment to recognize our Veterans and thank them for their service as Veteran day approaches (11/11/19)