Not my will, but yours

Sept. 1,2019
In Matthew chapter 15 Jesus challenges some of the leaders about caring more for their traditions than they do Gods commands. We are all encouraged to look at what we are more concerned with, what we want…. or what He wants!

Matthew 14 continued

August 18,2019
This weekend we talk a little more about Peter getting to walk on water with Jesus. We look at Jesus being with us in the darkest times and in the middle of our worst storms. We see how He is with us and we are challenged to consider what we do with His correction.

Shield of Faith

August 11,2019
Continuing in Matthew chapter 14 we read about Peter walking on water and then sinking because of his doubt. Today we talk about the importance of our shield of faith to protect us from the enemies darts that can cause doubt.

No Excuses

August 4,2019
Sometimes life can get really busy, so busy that spending time with God can fall pretty low on our list. This weekend we talk about making no excuses when it comes to spending time with God.

You do it

July 28,2019
This weekend we focus on the 5 loaves and 2 fish that the disciples brought to Jesus to feed the 5000+ people gathered around. What we talk about is the little we bring to Jesus and what He can do with it.