What Can We Do?

In a time where everything is uncertain a question is present. What can I do? As the body of Christ what can we do while we walk through these uncertain times? Pastor Bill dives into 4 concrete ways to make a difference and show this world that God is still at work despite the pain we go through.

He Said Yes… Will You?

He said yes. He, Jesus, said yes to the sacrifice it took to buy our freedom, though it costed Him everything. Are you willing to say yes to what he is asking you to do? In this Memorial Day sermon we take a look at the sacrifice it takes to be a Christian and honor those who have fallen.

It’s Different

The way things work here on earth is different than the way that it is in the Kingdom of God. It can be hard to see how God sees things and have a perspective that is flipped upside down from the things going on around us. What is valuable in the Kingdom of God vs. what is valuable here.

Is God First?

We know that God is supposed to be, well God of our life. Sometimes he falls to the back burner and we need to take a moment to refocus. What is more important to you than God? If anything comes to mind yo should listen in!

Unimportant and Unvaluable

Jesus flips the world upside down in Matthew 19. Those who are deemed by society unimportant, unvaluable, and undesirable, Jesus says let them come to me, do not hinder them. Whether we are the ones who believe we fall into that category, or maybe the ones who think we don’t have time for them, this sermon is for you.