Which Brother?

With the craziness going on in this world today we need to check our faith. There are two brothers in the Bible, their father asks them to complete a task, both have a response and action that are contrary to each other. One pleased his father, the other did not. What was the difference between the two, and which Brother are you?

The Race

What does it take to run the race? Are we properly equipped to follow Christ and run the race he has called us to? How do we prep and ready ourselves each day to make sure that we are living the fullest life possible?

Power of Faith

The Power of Faith – Today we look at what the power of faith will do for our lives. When we put our faith in Jesus there are four things that will happen that the world and life circumstances cannot offer us.   

Singe The Fringe

There are a lot of things in life that can become distractions and pull us away from what God wants for our life. Singe the Fringe focuses on getting rid of the fringes in our lives that pull us away from God and cause us to stumble. What needs to be burned out of your life?