What Can We Do?

In a time where everything is uncertain a question is present. What can I do? As the body of Christ what can we do while we walk through these uncertain times? Pastor Bill dives into 4 concrete ways to make a difference and show this world that God is still at work despite the pain we go through.

Welcome back

As many of you are aware, we will be reopening for in-person church this weekend, May 30 and 31.  We are so excited to be gathering together again!  We are doing this with many safety precautions in place which I will once again list below in this email, please take the time to read through it.  

–We are adding services.  For the weekend we will be adding a Sunday service, so our schedule will be: Wednesdays, 6:30, Saturday 4:30, Sunday 8:30, and 10:30.  

Masks will be mandatory at the Sunday 8:30 service so that those of you who are more susceptible can feel comfortable coming to church with your mask on knowing that others will be wearing them as well.  I will have one on until I get on the platform to preach.  Masks are optional during the other services.

-We will be seating in every other row and we will ask that you start seating from the front to the rear of the church.  Please try to leave 6 feet between families.

 –There will be no coffee or donuts so please bring your travel mug 🙂

–The drinking fountains will be closed so please plan accordingly if you are a water drinker –

-Please limit the number of people in the restrooms to 2 unless you are from the same household. 

 –There will be no kids church or nursery.  Shawna will have activity bags for kids to do during the service-

-We have 4 family rooms set up so that if your kids get ancy you can bring them into one of those where they will have some toys to play with.  We will have speakers run into those rooms with the service piped in.  We will have 1 family in each family room at a time and the rooms will be cleaned after each use.

 –We will have hand sanitizer available 

–The main touchpoints in the church will be sanitized after each service.

–We will continue to live stream our Saturday 4:30 service and our Sunday 10:30 service for those of you that would prefer to watch from home. 

As you all know social distancing is an important part of the safety measures being taken by everyone.  As badly as we want to be together, we do want to make sure we do so safely.  
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email or call the church.  We want to make sure everyone that would like to come to church feels comfortable doing so. 


He Said Yes… Will You?

He said yes. He, Jesus, said yes to the sacrifice it took to buy our freedom, though it costed Him everything. Are you willing to say yes to what he is asking you to do? In this Memorial Day sermon we take a look at the sacrifice it takes to be a Christian and honor those who have fallen.

It’s Different

The way things work here on earth is different than the way that it is in the Kingdom of God. It can be hard to see how God sees things and have a perspective that is flipped upside down from the things going on around us. What is valuable in the Kingdom of God vs. what is valuable here.